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Headquartered in Mumbai
With office in Delhi
and Toronto

Working with clients across latitudes.

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Our Team

We are a quirky bunch
of storyhunters


Lavinn Rajpal and Angad Singh Manchanda

Founders of Chimp&z Inc

  • Ashish Duggal

    Vice President - Growth and Operations

  • Alin Choubey

    Associate Vice President

  • Tariq Chandnani

    Business Director - Digital Integration

  • Aman Singh

    Business Director - Affiliate Marketing

  • Shreyans Khanna

    Chief Creative Consultant

  • Vinodhini M

    Associate Creative Director - Copy

  • Sean Pereira

    Associate Creative Director - Art

  • Sumitro Sircar

    Group Account Manager - Corporate Communications and PR

  • Dhanashree Thakur

    Group Account Manager - Digital Integration

  • Arkojit Bhattacharya

    Group Account Manager - Digital Integration

  • Philann Paul

    Group Account Manager - Digital Integration

  • Derek Rodrigues

    Group Account Manager - Tech

  • Jagdish Gaddam

    Design Supervisor

  • Rameshwar Chawla

    Design Supervisor

  • Ronak Desai

    Group Account Manager - Paid Media

  • Aarti Maghnani

    Head - Accounts & Finance

  • Chitra Panikker

    Head - HR and Talent Management

  • Bhakti Kotian

    Senior Human Assets Manager

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